We spent over three years meeting with local organizations, neighbors, merchants, stakeholders and city planning to understand the community’s vision, priorities and input. These meetings have shaped our approach with designing the site, including a generous south facing mid-block open space to preserve quality air and light for our immediate neighbors, and moving the building’s lobby entrance to the more residential Oak Street frontage – allowing for an engaging Divisadero streetscape with full-span retail.

Our team studied the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods, emphasizing context, form, design and urban quality. The current design direction acknowledges three conditions: Divisadero Street, Oak Street, and the nexus where they merge to create “something new.”

The Divisadero architecture references a classic commercial block with strong base and crown from the 1920’s, reinterpreting it for the 2020’s adding a subdued elegance and prominence to the street. The Oak façade features a lower neighborhood scale, reflecting the materiality and bay rhythm that characterizes the adjacent residential structures. The “something new” bridges the Divisadero and Oak conditions, bringing together the vertical orientation of Divisadero and horizontal accents of Oak to create a playful abstraction of traditional bay windows meeting the corner.

The team is excited to share the project’s design evolution with neighbors at a community open house in early 2019.