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Petitioning San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission
Support 400 Divisadero

The 400 Divisadero project intends to replace the Touchless Car Wash and Gas Station with a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use community – offering new housing and neighborhood serving local retail. Enhancements to the public realm include wider sidewalks and expanded bulb outs to enhance public safety, and a public art component on the north side of the building.

In response to the City’s housing crisis, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors unanimously changed zoning along the Divisadero and Fillmore corridors. This allows more homes for families, without changing the height, building envelope or buildable square footage, so to preserve the visual neighborhood character. While the previous zoning limited the site to 50-60 large expensive condos, the new zoning will allow up to 186 smaller apartments. These include both “affordable by design” market rate homes and on-site BMR homes. This more than triples both the total and BMR housing, while reducing prices of market rate homes, in a building of the same size and height.

The combination of new housing, retail and public realm improvements will transform a key corner by bringing more families and local neighborhood-serving businesses into the community with active daylight and night time uses.

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